About Us

     Who are we, eh? We are a family of teen-somethings that formed after the collapse of our previous big idea, Tsukuyomi Corporation. The idea for Fiamma was not immediate. In fact, it formed after an incident at school left a friend in need of help. With the combination of sheer effort, luck, precise focus and determination to get our friend out of this jam, we executed our plan on a whim and it wen't flawlessly. Later that day, B.R., B.V., and A.H. bonded together and formed "Famiglia Di Fiamma", or, "The Family of Flames". We are not a gang. We are not a protection service. We simply exist to work and help eachother in a way that could only be if we were in a family with one another, and thats exactly what Fiamma is. A family. We all work towards a common goal, but we aren't quite sure what it is. With more members of Famiglia Di Fiamma, I feel as if more opprotunities and more accomplishments will become available in the future. There was a period in our life, a dark period, where we did nothing but look back onto the past. It was all we really could do, we were broken after the downfall and failure of Tsukuyomi Corporation. But now with us being in high school and Fiamma being our main focus, the thoughts of the past have dried up. We all look back now and then, but we don't wallow in our self-pity, but instead remain optimistic. We let the past influence our future, because at the end of the day, the only thing we can do is look foward.

If you are interested in being in Famiglia Di Fiamma, please take our membership application forum on our main page.