Boring History

     The year is 2014. The month is August. Somewhere in the mountainous plains of West Virginia, a pupil named B.R. starts his 7th grade year. The night before the start of the new school year, his eyes hung heavy as he tried to force himself awake. He had went against his best instincts and stayed up late into the night. He tried to go to sleep, but no matter how hard he tried to force his eyes shut, he could not fall asleep. A rumbling anxeity was tearing his chest apart and he could not fall asleep.  He felt as if he was going to be all alone in the school, as if he had no one to turn to. Before he knew it though, it was morning. As the sun peeked above the mountains, he let out a final sigh and boarded the bus. While on the bus, he became shaky at the thought of being in classes where he was seperated from his friends. He didn't know how to act. The abnormality of the situation led him to believe that he could not possibly make it through 7th grade and come out as the same person. The thoughts stayed with him throughout the entire morning, until he was approached by a fellow pupil known only as B.V.

    For a quick moment, let's back up to about 2.5 months earlier, to the month of May. On the final week of May, it was announced that only 2 people from the 6th grade would be passing on to the 7th grade honors class: B.R. and A.H., or AceH. A.H. had moved from Virginia to this school earlier in the year around November. Although he had already became acquainted with B.R., he only had one class with him and was more friends with B.V. and A.J. at the time.

    For another moment, let's back up to about 6-4 years prior, in the elementary school years of both B.R. and B.V. Although B.R. was not fully aware of the existence of B.V., they both went to the same school for a few years until B.V. moved to a school closer to him. According to B.V., he always kept a watchful eye out on everybody, including B.R. and his activities during recess.

    Finally, we are back in the month of August 2014, at the beginning of 2nd period on that one morning on the first day of school. B.V. had approached B.R. and struck up a conversation with him. B.R., still feeling the downer of his situation, only managed to mumble and nod his head throughout most of the conversation. HOWEVER! If it were not for this conversation, Famiglia Di Fiamma may not even exist today.

   A day later after this encounter, B.V. walked up to B.R. once again and started talking to him. This time, B.V. asked B.R. to join a group that would be the precursor to everything therefoward, and evidently Famiglia Di Fiamma. The name of the group was "The Six Bloody Wings" and featured B.V., A.J., and J.J.

B.R. agreed and so began the history that was to come


     With both B.R., B.V., and A.H. being in the same

classes together in the new school year, a friendship

began developing between the three and they mostly

always sat in the same groups during class and would

talk about seemingly mindless things. It was evident

from early on that all 3 had shown an interest in

Japanese culture, whether it be the fact that B.R. had

been learning Japanese since April or the fact that B.V.

was obsessed with watching animu. Whatever the fact,

all these factors may have contributed to the interest of opening a Japanese-based candy

store straight out of their homeroom classes, but we will get to that later. One of the first groups formed by all 3 was the "Screaming Tacos Psychic Research Facility" that,

                                                        ironically, never acutally researched anything to do

                                                        with psyches but insead researched anything that was

                                                        paranormal and even went as far as to plan a trip

                                                        (pictured left). The Screaming Tacos were one of the

                                                        only organizations from Generation II to actually

                                                        make it to the end of 7th grade (June 23, 2015). The

                                                        Screaming Tacos are considered by B.R., B.V., and

                                                        A.H. to be a part of Tsukuyomi, although it predates

                                                        Tsukuyomi by about a month. The Screaming Tacos,

                                                        unfortunate as it is, were never revived for Generation

                                                        III, which lasted most of the 8th grade year from  

                                                        August 20, 2015 until April 2016.

                                                            Around early October, B.V. expressed his interest,

                                                        his "dream", rather, to run a candy store when he got

                                                        old enough. However, rather than run it when he grew

                                                        old enough, they started conjuring up the idea of running the candy store out of their 1st period class. More and more ideas were being developed, and eventually plans were being made for a grand opening: Monday, October 20, 2014. During the week leading up to the grand opening, coupons were made and stock of the Japanese snack item "Pocky" was being gathered.

Final preperations were being made to open the store,

including a store logo made in Microsoft Paint, semi-

advertisements spread through word of mouth, and

many more tiny details to make sure that the opening

wouldn't flop. Pocky products were origninally $1.00,

but were later bumped up to $1.25 for MAX PROFIT.

With almost everything seeming perfect, on the morning of October 20, 2014, B.R. set off

with his Pocky to change the world (yeah, because overdramatization is good).

     Let's back up about a month before. Around this time, B.R., B.V., A.H., and J.S. were all having gym class with each other. J.S., or J.J., or P.C.Y.Y., or C.SB, was already good friends with B.V. and A.H., but had never been introduced to B.R. before. Vice versa with B.R., although B.R. took an interest in J.S. before he knew him. One day in September, J.S. came over to B.R. and struck a conversation with him. From that point foward, the two became very good friends and B.R., B.V., A.H., and J.S. would now all sit at the same table. Going back to that October morning on the very first day Tsukuyomi Candy Store opened, it was a somewhat decent success and more than enough profit for a 12 year old kid running a candy store. A.H. and B.M. helped with most of the salesmanship and advertising, while B.R. became head of management and operations. The cycle of selling nothing but Pocky continued well into November, and was actaully a nice little success for the store. Around this time, J.S. had been incorporated into one of the Big 4 running the business (there were about 10 employees total at the time). J.S. helped design the

original store logo (pictured right) and was the

law & order at store meetings, hence his nickname

of "Judge Judy", or "J.J". Around mid-November,

the store was deciding to get a little bit more

serious with its product, and on November 22,

 2014, B.R. ordered their first and final supply

of various items including Meiji and Glico

products. The new shipment was announced days

leading up to its arrival, and a delay required more

signs to be put up. On December 1, 2014, the

products finally arrived and B.R. was getting

prepared for the next day. Employee and friend

of B.R. J.E. posted on Facebook a day before to

let the people know of the coming supply of items.

    By the end of the full day on December 2, 2014,

the store had nearly sold out of every item. Money

was lost, partially due to the fact that people

refused to buy "overpriced" goods and by that they

had to sell items for cheaper their original price. This greatly contributed to the downfall of Tsukuyomi Candy Store, along with the fact that employees who didn't do their job properly were still getting paid as if they were doing the job to their fullest extent. On the morning of December 3, 2014, B.R. called a meeting to order to discuss the loss. Nobody bought the remaining supply, and the store employees all got to have some of the remaining supply. And although Tsukuyomi Candy Store didn't shut down completely on December 3 (in fact it really just faded away) it was the last day of normal operation for the store, as it never made another dime, thus ending the golden era of Tsukuyomi.

     After the store ceased operations, that did not mean that Tsukuyomi did. Many more organizations still operated under the Tsukuyomi name, such as Screaming Tacos, Underground Pyschology, Inside Joke Corporation, and S.H.O.C. These lesser known but still important organizations influenced and shaped the kind of friendship among brothers that Famiglia Di Fiamma is based on. None of the organizations actually closed, but just kind of stopped after the end of Generation II at the end of the 7th grade school year (by the way, the reason the 2014/2015 school year is labeled as "Generation II", it's because of a made up retconned storyline by B.R. written in May 2015, so Generation II is actually Generation I). Also, B.R. isn't B.R.'s real initials, neither is B.V.'s either. They are pseudonyms. Going back to Generation II, none of the organizations from Generation II were revived in Generation III, except for a time where Tsukuyomi Candy Store was almost revived.

      On August 20, 2015, the 8th grade year

started for everybody, and the Big 3 was

anxious to see each other again as no one was 

able to contact each other over summer and it

had been 2 months since they had last talked to

each other. The school year seemed bright at

first, but like a burning candle, the brightness

seemed to fade away as more and more time

passed (lame analogy, I know). Nothing really

happened within the first 4 weeks of the new

year, save for some mere talk about revivng the

store that was never actually thought out. On

September 17, the Tsukuyomi Candy Store

death bill, which forbid the candy store from 

opening for one year, was signed by B.R., A.H.,

J.S., and later B.V. In mid-October, the

Tsukuyomi Corp. Death Bill, which prevented

Tsukuyomi Corp. from ever opening again, was

signed. Of course, it was broken several times

and was later revoked in January. This led to

several weeks of false hope and it got nobody

anywhere. It was later agreed that revoking the

death bill was a huge mistake. Tsukuyomi Corporation Generation III only featured a potential revival of the store. No other factors, except the Tsukuyomi archive, were brought into play in Generation III.

      Although nothing was happening inside Tsukuyomi Corporation, it never fully died

out until one day in April 2016. On April 14, 2016, B.R., B.V., and T.M. gathered around in a gym to discuss a serious issue. Without going into too much detail of what it is, let's just say a plan was made and it was pulled on a whim. They were very fortunate and lucky that the plan had worked, as it had only been executed 2 hours before it actually worked. The joyous success of the operation, dubbed "Operation Waning Flame" really

seemed to pull everyone together in a way that hadn't been seen since the glory days of Tsukuyomi. When school let out that day, B.V. invited B.R. and T.M. to a Skype call to discuss the success of OWF. Out of this single call, Famiglia Di Fiamma was born.












Note: This case was never actually acted upon.

     The CBoC is a Skype chat created by B.R. on December 31, 2015. The two most promminent members in the CBoC are A.H. and a special friend known as C.W., although many people have been involved in the chat including B.V. It has been used as a meeting place for the Big 3 and many notable developments in Big 3 history have happened within the confines of this very chat. January 2016, the first month of the CBoC, was pretty much one of the only good things about Generation III at all. The CBoC is still going today, but it is not as active as it once was, so most agree it faded sometime in March or April. The more preferred chat for discussing Fiamma related stuff is the messagebox.

                   Special Thanks

Special thanks to B.M., T.M., J.S., A.J., C.W., and J.R. for being such great friends

Special thanks to Business Yost and Mrs. S

Very special thanks to the people who helped us financially.

Special thanks to Clam.

"Life's too short to throw away. Toke the metaphorical joint known as life and enjoy it".


"Tsukuyomi Candy Store is closed. Possibly forever (or a long time). Goodbye --- branch."

                                                    Dated December 4, 2014