Experimental Codes

Code Alpha: Everything is fine. Operations are going smoothly, members are having a grand old time, life is just great. You can't get much better than this.

Code Bravo: Active when there is some noticable tension between members, but is usually something that can be cleared up pretty easily.

Code Yankee: Everything that could possibly go wrong within Fiamma.

Code Zed: Ceasing of all Fiamma operations, ordered by B.R. that might be the result of Code Yankee. All remenants of Fiamma are to be destroyed (Tsukuyomi remenants may be destroyed as well). This code is pretty much hypothetical, and has a pretty solid 0% chance of happening. It's still nice to have a protocol detailing what to do if something so bad it makes Fiamma shut down happens.

Code Xe:  Code Xe never existed. It cannot exist and any claim otherwise is false. Unless you are BR.

More codes will probably be added soon.